Bishop Gadsden

Charleston, SC

As the Southeast's leading life care retirement community, Bishop Gadsden has more than 450 residents and 300 employees that shape its vibrant character. Located on James Island, within close proximity to historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina, Bishop Gadsden offers first-class lifestyle in an amazing city. Founded in 1850, Bishop Gadsden is a not-for-profit, faith-based retirement community, affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

The director of facilities, Daniel Larrabee, came to CCI to discuss two of his older Trane chillers and what options he might have for replacement. These chillers were 15-year-old air-cooled chillers, but the condenser coils were in very bad shape. The units were extremely loud and very inefficient.

We began by looking at the energy usage of the existing chillers. We began by looking at the energy usage of the existing chillers and compared this with that of new chillers such as Trane, York, and McQuay. After reviewing the chiller performance, we selected 2 York chillers with variable speed drives. We then negotiated a 10-year warranty on both chillers so Bishop Gadsden would know exactly the amount of dollars that would be spent over this time period. Additionally, with the energy savings generated from the new chillers, SCE&G contributed a rebate check of $125,000 that helped pay for the project.

“Carolina Chillers understands the business better than anyone. They have set themselves up to be a total resource from conception, to design, to installation, and beyond with ongoing maintenance and repairs. It has been my experience that they do business for the purposes of a long term relationship. They want to own the entire experience and be there for your needs 20 years from now. After working with them for over 15 years, it is now clear to me that they strive to be a partner in the overall business plan, they want to understand how they can help you become more successful as a company. Not only that, how they choose to go about doing business is just a sheer pleasure to experience. I welcome any conversation about these folks at any time, as I owe much of my personal success to them. Furthermore, I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation who prefers to do a job right the first time.”

~Bishop Gadsden