Daniel Island Academy

Daniel Island, SC

Daniel Island Academy was founded in 2004 with a mission to provide the best learning and developmental environment in which a child may reach his or her full potential. Grades taught are from 12 months to 4 years old with full-day and half-day classes. Daniel Island Academy is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which sets the highest standards for education, health and safety, including teacher qualifications.

CCI was contracted by Daniel Island Academy to provide an engineering study on the geothermal HVAC system installed in their facility. There had been a recent increase in heat pump failures. There also was a perceived increase of humidity within the space. The study focused on providing an analysis of all the problems in the system and then recommending repairs to the problems.

The installation of a dry cooler was added to the geothermal HVAC system. The dry cooler was needed to take heat from the overheated ground heat exchanger. This reduced the water temperature in the loop and allowed the heat pumps to operate more efficiently and effectively.