Marine Corps Recruiting Depot

Beaufort, SC

Geothermal Design and Construction

The following project was a design-build project completed by CCI for the Marine Corp Recruiting Depot.

The existing HVAC system consisted of steam heat with an air-cooled chiller for cooling, both of which were inefficient and had exceeded their life expectancy. The customer was trying to eliminate the steam system from that part of the facility and wanted to provide a heating and cooling system that would help them achieve their energy efficiency goals.

CCI installed a Vertical Geothermal Ground Loop System, capable of satisfying 50 tons of geothermal HVAC equipment. The ground loop consisted of 60 boreholes, each 250 feet, with a total of 30,000 feet of polyethylene piping. We then installed 6 sets of 10 circuit headers in a designated area underground, and we then ran the supply/return lines to a flange located outside the building. Finally, a large, central geothermal heat pump was installed to provide heating and cooling for the building.